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Bookstore Knowledge Base
A sample sales/service knowledge base system for a fictitious bookstore.




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Querybot is an award-winning knowledge base / interactive FAQ system that lets visitors to your website ask questions in their own words...and get accurate answers immediately .  That gives you a

competitive edge

              in sales, customer service, technical support

Querybot's hosted knowledge base software can be set up on any website almost instantly!  There is no need to install any software on your server.

Querybot acts as your customer support frontline, answering most customer questions instantly. If a question cannot be answered, the Querybot Knowledge base software will allow your customer to contact you by email with a single click of the mouse--while keeping track of the question so you can improve the system.

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Advanced Technology


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First sign up for afree trial account . You can then purchase the service from within the control panel, after signing into your account.

Reduce manual email processing by up to 80%--while providing instant answers for your customers 24/7.


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